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Electronic Claims Submission and Clearinghouse Services

Transact-EDI’s electronic claims submission and clearinghouse solution is simple to use. Our extensive electronic claims submission and clearinghouse experience has earned us a prominent name in the market.

Claims2Cash is great for providers who use a system to generate claim data files. We are a leader in electronic claims submission and clearinghouse services and process millions of claims each year. We have extensive experience in converting all types of standard claim forms into HIPAA Compliant ANSI 837 formats. Additionally, we successfully convert non-standard paper claim forms.

This is how Claims2Cash works:

  • Claims are captured from source healthcare information systems and transmitted to the Claims2Cash web site to be tracked through claim status reports
  • The Claims2Cash site serves as a repository for all claims management functions including viewing, editing, correcting, and re-submitting claims.
  • During validation, claims are separated into "clean" claims and those needing correction. Clean claims are passed on to the payers in a HIPAA compliant format.
  • Claims needing correction are validated in real-time to ensure they are correct and then submitted to the payers.

Claims2Cash helps you increase efficiency and reduce cost by managing the technology and processes needed to meet your electronic claims submission demands.

Our electronic claims submission and clearinghouse solution can be integrated to your PMS or used as a standalone application.